Member of organizing committee:

from the Republic of Belarus:
Lushtik ValeriyThe Chairman, the deputy of Director General for scientific research SNPE “National park “Narochansky””
Sipach VyacheslavCo-chairman, chief specialist in the Department of Geology of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry of the Republic of Belarus
Kachanovsky IgorThe Deputy of the Chairman, the Deputy of the Minister for Natural Resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus, Cand. Sc. (Biology)
Kozlov VasiliyThe Head of the Natural complexes Department in the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Tarakanov MichaelChief engineer of Information center of Land register data and land monitoring “Iczem”of State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Dydko GenadiyThe Deputy of the Science Director in the Republican research-and-development unitary enterprise “BelNICzem” for land-organization, geodesy and cartography studies Cand. Sc. (Agr. St.)
Pugachevskiy AlexanderThe Director of the State Scientific Organization “Kuprievich Institute of experimental Botanics” in the National Academy of Science of Belarus, Cand. Sc. (Biology)
Klebanovich NikolayThe Head of the Department of agrology and land-information systems of the Faculty of the Geography of Belarusian State University, Docent of Agr. Sc.
Usova IrinaThe Chairman of the main board of the International civil society organization “Ecoproject”
Malashevich VladimirThe Director of the civil society organization “Achova ptyshak Bazkayshchny”
From the Russian Federation (not final list) and etc.:
Alekseenko NataliyaDocent of the Department of cartography and geomatics of the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Cand. Sc. (Geography)
Ryzhkov OlegThe Deputy Director of the Science Central Black Earth Region state natural biosphere reserve n.a V.V. Aliohin, Cand. Sc. Biologyof the Enviromental Centre “Reserves” (“Zapovedniki”)
Koshkarev AlexandrThe Senior Research Scientist of the Laboratory of geomorphology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Geography Institute, Cand. Sc. Geography.
Serebriannaia OlgaThe Chief specialist of the company "ESRI CIS", Moscow
Seliviorstov OlegThe Representative of the Communities OSM, GIS-Lab, Kharkov, Ukraine
Tile AnnetteAn ecologist, an independent consultant, aGIS-specialist, Germany
Gubina TatianaThe analyst of the Consortium of Informational Technologies, the RegionPiedmont, Turin, the Candidate of Sciences in the sphere of GIS and ERS, Italy


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