First information letter

  Dear colleagues and friends, representatives of GIS-communities!!!

We sincerely invite you to the National park “Narochansky” (The Republic of Belarus) to a professional friendly meeting which is held within the framework of International Scientific and Practical Conference


“Modern technologies in PA activity:

GIS, ERS, education…” !!!

Time: May 12-16, 2014
Place: 222395, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Myadel district, r.v. Naroch, Lenin Str., 6; hotel “Naroch”
The number of participants: approximately 250 people
Conference languages: Russian, English


Goals and objectives of the conference
Topics of discussion…
Forms of participation

The main goals and objectives of the conference:

- activization, expansion and strengthening of international GIS community in the topic of "GIS in PA"
- exchange of experience in the development and implementation of modern technologies (geographic information, etc.) in PA
- search for effective ways of interaction in the chain: Universities - PA - "think tanks" (planners of strategies and objectives of protected areas, etc.)

Organisers of the conference:
The State nature protection establishment Narochansky National park (the Republic of Belarus)
Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus (the Republic of Belarus)
Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus (the Republic of Belarus)

Topics of discussion:

a) modern technologies in PA: problems, experience, prospects,
b) GIS and ERS use experience: theory and practice of solving scientific and practical problems in PA,
c) web, mobile, “cloud” GIS,
d) commercial and free Software for GIS and ERS,
e) equipment for scientific research,
f) training of personnel for protected areas: problems, experience, prospects,
g) Universities - PA - "think tanks": experience and prospects.

Forms of participation:
- spoken report,
- poster report,
- listener,
- participation in technical trainings,
- voluntary assistance (technical support, translation, etc.)


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